National History Challenge winners share Gallipoli Oaks story

Back in August, Archit and Meagan from St Monica’s Primary School in Footscray contacted us to seek out information about the Gallipoli Oaks story.  Meagan and Archit were writing about the Gallipoli Oaks story for the National History Challenge, and we met at the Shrine of Remembrance where Meagan and Archit helped with the 2014 acorn harvest.  Archit and Meagan asked many insightful questions to Peter Whitelaw (Chairman, Gallipoli Oaks Project Committee), and carefully took a lot of notes so they could create posters about the Gallipoli Oaks story.

Meagan and Archit have been announced as winners of the State prize for the ‘Australia’s Heritage’ category.  We send our congratulations to Archit and Meagan on their fantastic achievement, and our thanks to their dedicated teacher Ms Maggie Catterall.

Archit  Meagan