Lockwood South Primary School

We held a special Community Day on Friday the 24th April from 12.30 as part of our Centenary of Anzac service. Families along with the children’s grandparents shared stories and items from the war. We unveiled our community banner as a tribute to the 100-year Anzac Anniversary. The challenge was to find someone in the community who was born in every year between 1915 and 2015 and to place their photo on our banner. We also be planted a Gallipoli oak tree from the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) in our Remembrance Garden that the children have commenced as an ongoing project throughout this year. One family has made a unique sign for the garden. The garden will eventually have rosemary, Anzac Grevillia and bottlebrushes, poppies and a Gallipoli Rose. Our school also received an email from the family of Lieutenant-colonel John Adams, V.D., who was born in 1863 at Sandhurst and enlisted aged 52. Students also cooked Anzac biscuits and scones for afternoon tea.