Hepburn Primary School

The remembrance service at Hepburn Primary School was covered by Emma-Jayne Schenk in the Hepburn Advocate, on Friday 24th April 2015.

Daylesford RSL vice-president Ken Penny said on Friday that it was marvellous to see young people taking part in Anzac celebrations.
“Years ago, children didn’t know anything about it but I think they’re starting to think about it more and more,” he said.

Students have also been learning about former soldiers who attended Hepburn Primary School.
“It is hard to imagine what they went through,” school captain Sunday, 12, said.
“We feel like we know them know though and we know a bit more about everything that happened back then.”

Read the full article here: http://www.hepburnadvocate.com.au/story/3034637/hepburn-tree-keeps-soldiers-legend-alive/?cs=1263

Photo source: Hepburn Advocate