About the Gallipoli Oaks Project

As part of its commitment to celebrate and preserve our environmental heritage, the National Trust of Australia (Victoria), has identified the Gallipoli oak tree (Quercus coccifera subsp. calliprinos) as “a symbolic link between the Centenary of ANZAC, the people of Turkey and the primary school children of Victoria”.

To bring this link to life the National Trust plans to propagate up to 600 juvenile Gallipoli oaks to be planted in Victorian primary school grounds during remembrance ceremonies in the period 2015 to 2018. The project will include interpretive material that will communicate the story of the Gallipoli oaks during World War One the process of propagation and convey our enduring relationship with the Turkish people.

'Grandfather' tree at Murndal
‘Grandfather’ tree at Murndal

Quercus coccifera subsp. calliprinos is a small to medium-sized tree or large shrub seldom reaching more than 5m tall.  It is evergreen, with spiny-serrated leaves 3 to 5 cm long and 1.5 to 3 cm broad. The acorns are 2 – 3 cm long when mature about 18 months after pollination.

The trees will be propagated from acorns donated and collected from parent trees located in Australia and grown to a size suitable for planting by horticulture experts including tree growers.