Planting Ceremonies

Click here to download the Order of Service template for a planting ceremony 

You can find the official versions of the suggested readings here: ; and, here:

You may need to obtain recordings of the Last Post and Rouse.  These can be found at

This is not a prescriptive template, please include or discard any elements as you see fit. We encourage you to be creative and include your students as much as possible.
Your students may have songs, poems, prose or art to display. Click here to see our news section which displays what some schools have done. 

The Gallipoli Oak seedlings will become progressively available between 2015 and 2018 and your school should consider a range of suitable dates including ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day for ceremonial planting.  Partnerships between primary schools and RSL sub-branches will be encouraged to plan the planting ceremonies.
You can use this online directory to find your local RSL sub-branch:

We encourage you to invite your school community to your ceremony.  You may also like to alert the local or regional media either before or after your planned event. Click here for a media release templateDetailed instructions on the care of the juvenile trees, and a tree guard will also be provided to schools.  The tree delivered to you is not expected to exceed 50 cm in height at delivery.  Click here for more information about how to prepare for the planting.

Photo source: Warrnambool Standard